ECC 2011: Virtual tomato thrower

Quick start

Note: The links below are broken, on purpose. This copy of the page is only static, no real tomato server is operating behind.


In order to protect this application against any kind of abuse or foul play, our senior security experts at Bullsh't Tech, Inc.™ have devised a revolutionary protocol based on bleeding-edge cryptographic technology, namely the recent Rivest–Shamir–Adleman algorithm (or RSA, for short).

Aware of the presence of internationally renowned—yet malicious—cryptographers in the audience, the security parameters of this cryptosystem were carefully picked so as to prevent even the most advanced attacks against it: the chosen RSA modulus is indeed 103-digit long, which is, well… very long, like, if you try to memorize it, or just write it down on a piece of paper or something. No, really, it's huge. Just have a look:

N := 3178596799904430539531118093572909377533245016659924241839251998632652703620411662777401318406813551573.

Just wow, isn't it? Not to brag, but it's larger than the number of atoms in the Universe! It's even longer than the keys of those wankers who use, er… what's-their-name… ecliptic curbs or something.

In fact, as a token of our confidence in the unbreakability of this scheme, we at Bullsh't Tech, Inc.™ chose to fully disclose the inner workings of our system: